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 Here is a few books that I enjoyed reading, and my thoughts about them. Oh, and don't forget to click on the Buy It button, they are direct links to the author's websites.


By: Marissa Meyer

ISBN-13: 9780312641894

I'm a fanatic about the story of Cinderella and this book re-imagined the characters in a masterful way. It has a dystopian twist, cyborg elements, a plague killing the population, and the fate of the world resting on the shoulders of one girl—Cinder.  All of these elements kept me reading until the last page.

Skulduggery Pleasant

By: Derek Landy

ISBN-10: 0061231150

ISBN-13: 978-0061231155


With a name like Stephanie for the heroine how could this story fail? It’s a fabulous read! Stephanie inherits her uncle's estate. Her mother leaves her to go into town. While she’s gone a storm cuts her off from Stephanie who’s left alone in the house. That night there’s a break-in and her rescuer—a skeleton named Skulduggery. Yes, the skeleton is a good guy and hilarious too.


I laughed really hard with this book. It had mystery, action, comedy, struggle and magic. The art is also amazing.

Olivia Brophie and the  Pearl of Tagelus

By: Christopher Tozier

ISBN: 978-1-56164-519-0



Take a trip to the wild side of Florida with Olivia Brophie. Believe me, Florida is full of adventure; however, this story brings ‘wild side’ to a whole new level.


The main character Olivia is sent to live with her uncle and aunt when her army mom is deployed. Bitter for being dumped in the middle of nowhere, her thoughts turn to curiosity when tree frogs write cryptic notes on her window. This is where her adventure begins and, as she explores the Florida scrub, she discovers a secret underworld city. Down there she finds the Pearl of Tagelus and the wondrous things it can do.


I really enjoyed this one. It depicted the wildlife of Florida in a mysterious, enchanting way.


Doll Bones

By: Holly Black

ISBN-13: 9781416963981

ISBN-10: 1416963987


I had the opportunity to meet Holly. She’s dynamic and so are her novels. This one, I actually take with me as a backup when I teach at middle schools. I read my favorite part to the kids. When three friends, Poppy, Alice, and Zach meet in an abandoned shed at night, Poppy reveals that her mother’s china doll carries the ghost of a dead girl. Poppy says it will haunt them until it is buried. So begins the quest to find the exact spot where the doll should be laid to rest.


When I found out the doll actually had been made of the girl’s ground up bones and her remaining ashes were placed in a pouch inside the doll’s body, I was hooked. So are quite a few middle schoolers. They continually want the information to purchase their own copy. Thanks Holly for an amazing story.


Kill Shakespeare

By: Anthony Del Col, Conor McCreery, Ian Herring, Kagan McLeod, and Andy B.

ISBN-10: 1600107818

ISBN-13: 978-1600107818


This is the first graphic novel I have ever read, and let me tell you, it was excellent! I'm going to get off topic for a moment, but it’s important to describe this book. I compare it to going on my first cruise aboard the Disney Dream—incredible. My second cruise (I won't name the cruise line) was terrible in comparison. I think I just read the Disney cruise of graphic novels. No other graphic novel will hold a candle to this series.


It is thrilling! The art is beautiful and the story is fresh. Who knew Shakespeare’s lines could not only be understood but be entertaining? To have all the classic characters working together in one plot is genius but to have William Shakespeare play alongside his fictional characters—masterful. I highly recommend this to anyone who has eyes to see.


Good Job, Conor!



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